Another 35 houses on planning list

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By Somerset Standard | Thursday, October 10, 2013, 05:00

PROPOSALS to build a further 27 homes in Frome and eight in Beckington were submitted to planners this week.

Somerset County Council wants to build 13 two-storey homes at Whitewell House in Whitewell Road, the former Mendip Children's Centre in Frome. And proposals are under way to build a further 14 houses on the former Mendip Lodge Hotel in Bath Road.

A third is an outline application for eight houses at 10 Warminster Road, Beckington. Already villagers there and in Rode, Norton St Philip and Chilcompton have raised concerns over the number of applications for new homes.

Families fear that continued uncertainty over the Mendip District Local Plan means applications that in normal circumstances would flounder will be allowed.

The local plan outlines where new homes, employment and shops will be encouraged across the district up to 2028. However, at a planning enquiry in March, Mendip acknowledged that it had overestimated the expected number of homes that will be built in the next five years against government policy.

As a result the council has had to rethink the draft plan which in the meantime has left communities vulnerable to planning applications.

Last month a decision on 88 homes in Beckington was delayed to discover what impact more houses would have on infrastructure.

A further application to build houses in Chilcompton was also delayed to investigate whether roads, the school, doctors' surgeries, play areas and shops could cope with more families moving in.

In the past six months planning permission has been granted for 83 homes in Frome, not including the 150 that form part of the proposed Butler,Tanner and Dennis development. This has been approved but will not receive outline permission until a Section 106 agreement is signed.

Between April to September 719 homes have been given permission across the district. The planning board has agreed in principle to 44 at Church Lane, Rode, and a dozen at Tower Hill Farm, Beckington.

Mendip is aiming to re-submit the local plan to the Secretary of State this autumn.



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    You can't sell a house unless someone buys it, I don't see any shortfall of them in the village, although some social housing would be fit and proper.

    Keep building, under Cameron the number of homes built has slumped to the lowest level in peacetime since the 1920s.

    We need to build many more homes to keep up with demand. Owning a home is out of reach of many low and middle-income earners, and rents are rising faster than wages.

    By redfrome at 15:12 on 20/02/14

  • Profile image for allrounder444

    Also all people care about is no change. No body cares about if you care about your green belt you know the mendip will not listen to you. JUST LET CHANGE HAPPEN GOODNESS SAKE.

    By allrounder444 at 02:38 on 20/02/14

  • Profile image for allrounder444

    That village is useless and unthankful. The school probably will not work just like the new store is not. Really feel for the store owners who were told the village is a supportive and the passing by trade is a lot. A village who cant even keep a store going what are the chances of the school. I understand people do not like change up there but sorry times have to go on and changes have to be made. The elderly really need to take that in. In my opinion that village deserves nothing let alone a post box. Maybe lovely village but a village is also made out of people and if new people need neighbors support it is their duty to look after them. I would like to tell people that nobody should ever make an mistake of buying anything in that village. Full of snobs. Feel for those who made those lovely knew houses and the snobs of the village jealousy has stopped everything. But most feeling has to go to the Store business owners family. They have put so much effort into it Day and night and they are getting no where hopefully someone sees this.

    By allrounder444 at 02:37 on 20/02/14

  • Profile image for friendoffrome

    Utterly ridiculous to allow supranational organisation to impose free admission and benefits to the extent that our housing stock and our services are overwhelmed.
    Our local plan overshot but was not corrected by Mendip in time allowing in another type of big corporation to do what it likes and cherry pick locations just like the big supermarket corps. Anyone reading this would think that my comments are those of the left and Red's are from the Right. I quote again

    "However, at a planning enquiry in March, Mendip acknowledged that it had overestimated the expected number of homes that will be built in the next five years against government policy."

    I quote again from my earlier post

    By friendoffrome at 20:42 on 14/02/14

  • Profile image for redfrome

    Defend the right to house people over keeping an open space. Utterly ridiculous to save green belt in favour of leaving families without homes.

    By redfrome at 19:11 on 14/02/14


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